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"ROSIE BLUE" Blue&White G4/500mhz, !GB Ram, 40GB HD, SuperDrive, Zip100, ATIRage128 - $249.77 INCUDES SHIPPING

ONE ONLY UNIT WITH A Sonnet G4/500 Processor!"ROSIE BLUE" Blue&White. We take a clean REVISION 2 Blue & White Tower "easy-open" case design and install a 500 mhz G4 processor. We install 1 GB of ram (4-256's), 40 GB Refurb Hard Drive and a good used SuperDrive. Burn CD's w/Toast 5.2, DVD burning requires your software under OS9. The Built in ATI RAGE 128 2D/3D graphics card has 16MB of VRAM allows DVD MOVIE PLAYBACK on your system (9.2.2 or later). Uses regular PC Style HD15 Monitor Connector. This will use your older ADB keyboard, mice, dongles, etc. These systems come with two each built in Firewire and USB ports which work great with iPods. Fast 100Mhz bus. 3 open PCI slots for add ons. 10/100baseT built in. These are clean units fully tested and have the latest software updates from Apple preinstalled and are nicely configured. Revision 2 motherboards are fully OSX capable. Complete with aftermarket USB KEYBOARD and MOUSE. No SCSI or floppy on this one (available extra). Manuals (.pdf) on system. Rev 2 systems can easily take an additional drive. *Burning DVD's require your own software. AVAILABLE UPGRADES (phone in orders): Add a SCSI card $40, Add 56K Internal Modem - $10. OSX 10.4.11 & 9.2.2 preinstalled and boots into either. Our Price $249.77 includes domestic shipping. ONE ONLY ORDER NOW!

Shipping charges included in price of item. Sales tax added for Oklahoma residents only.

 Stock Number: BLG4ROSIEBLUE

Unit Price: $249.77


Sell us your old Blue & White G3!

We are buying Blue & White G3 Macs! If you have a unit that is in good shape but is no longer in use we will pay to ship it here and pay you cash. It only needs to power up. We thoroughly erase all data using DOD standards. Top dollar for working Rev 2 Systems, less for the older style Rev 1's. Don't let these end up in a land fill. Email your specs or call.

Shipping charges included in price of item. Sales tax added for Oklahoma residents only.

 Stock Number: BWG3

Unit Price:


Apple Internal 56k v.90 Fax Modem for G3 Blue&White/G4 Yikes(PCI) and iMac Rev A-D 233-333Mhz models - Used Tested $19.99 Shipped

Apple 56K Internal Modem V.90 for the B&W G3 Power Macintosh, Yikes G4, (and iMacRev A-D 233-333) is an internal 56K V.90 modem is designed to be installed in the modem communications slot inside your computer, allowing you to save your PCI slots and USB ports for other resources! With features not found in any other modem this affordable, the Internal 56K comes complete with everything you need. Uses the built in software. Note: For Blue & White G3, G4 "Yikes" model that is based off of the same logic board and iMac Rev A-D 233-333's. This V90 modem features up to 56,000 bps Data modem transmission speeds: Full duplex at 33,600 (V.34 annex 12), 28,800, 14,400, 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200 and 300 bps Error correction: V.42 (LAP-M), MNP2-4 Data compression: V.42bis, MNP5 Fax speeds: 14,400, 9600, 7200, 4800 and 2400 bps Fax standards: Group 3 compatible, V.17, V.29, V.27ter, EIA-578 service, Class 1 commands Upgradability: Flash ROM and flash DSP Requirements: Any Power Macintosh G3 with internal COM slot. System software version 8.5 or later Minimum 4MB RAM Minimum 8MB hard disk space. Standard analog phone line. We include our 9 Kitchen Sink CD (9.99 value) that has other telecom and fax software. Was $34.77 REDUCED SPECIAL $19.99 includes domestic shipping.

Shipping charges included in price of item. Sales tax added for Oklahoma residents only.

 Stock Number: BWModem56Kint-KS

Unit Price: $19.99


Rev 2 Blue & White Motherboard

Want to upgrade your old Blue and White so it can run OSX Tiger? This REV2 motherboard will solve a lot of the problems associated with the older Rev 1 motherboards. This is the motherboard only, you will need your old processor and other parts from your existing system to install it. Cleaned tested used motherboard, pulled from a working system. Printed instructions included. A phillips and a small flatblade screwdriver are all that is required to install it. $99.77 includes domestic shipping.

Shipping charges included in price of item. Sales tax added for Oklahoma residents only.

 Stock Number: REV2BW661_2194

Unit Price: $89.00