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To provide the most secure environment for safe online purchases, we have added a simple additional step to our ordering procedures. In order to complete your credit card transactions, you will need to enter your credit card number, expiration date and Card Code on our secure server when ordering. This code can be found on the back of your credit card (on the front for American Express). Click here to see an example of these codes. We want to keep things as simple as possible but find we must add this additional step to insure your security. If you have any problems please call our toll free order number listed above during business hours. We are always happy to help!


Q: I get an error when trying to check out.

A: You must enter the store from the front each shopping visit. If you have book marked the store from the middle, the shopping cart you were assigned on your previous visit has expired. The database can't find it. Just go to http://resale.headgap.com and click on any link and you will be assigned a fresh shopping cart. If you are having trouble we provide toll free customer service at: 1-877-639-1543 10-3 CST M-F. No Java and No Cookies! but you must enter from the front.

Q: I tried to email you but the message bounced.

A: We have been on the web since 1994 and our email addresses are well published. If we didn't filter heavily our mail it would be unuseable. We regret you were unable to reach us using our regular mail addresses but we do have an online contact form that allows you to email us. Please use it should have you trouble emailing us.

CONTACT ADDRESS - best to use this!

Q: What is the difference between used and refurbished?

A: All of our used items are refurbished even if the description says used. Each item is cleaned and tested and any worn or damaged parts are replaced. Because we are a small company we pay attention to detail. All refurbished hardware are checked and rechecked to insure quality. We have a liberal warranty on the items and want you satisfied with your purchase.

Q: What if I buy something and it doesn't work with my system?

A: Simply call for an RMA number and ship the product back. (See the return section below). If the item tests good and was simply returned you pay the shipping. Many companies charge a restocking fee. We normally do not. We work hard to make sure the items are graphically represented and give you enough information so that you get the right item the first time and that it works as advertised. If you are not sure call and ask before ordering.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Operator Headgap BBS started back in 1986 over 33 years ago. When we relocated to Memphis from Oklahoma City we found a lack of BBS and support for computer users. We began selling software and used hardware via the web over 8 years ago and it has continued to grow. We are a small company and it is just Cheryn and me recently. We have used Macs since their inception both professionally and as hobbyists and do local repair and consulting.

Q: Some items your pricing is terrific and on some you are a little high? Freight is included in our prices is the short answer but read on:

A: We price our items very aggressively and most items will have the best price anywhere when you compare apples to apples. You may find some of our items are a little higher than our competition but check for the added value we provide. Many of our systems feature new system components with full factory warranties. Most desktop systems have been substantially upgraded and include new pram batteries and other upgraded components. Remember that we include freight with the pricing on most items so you know what you are paying up front. A deal is not a deal if you end up getting stuck on the freight and surcharges. Unlike some dealers the rebates we sometimes offer are real and you actually get your money. Also remember that we include the software required for many of the items on the Kitchen Sink CD that may be included with some items, while others make you look up an odd URL and spend time downloading a file that may or may not unarchive and work. The Kitchen Sink includes many updates, shareware and freeware programs that you would have to spend hours downloading. We also quickly answer email and phone inquiries. Also don't forget our tech support line at 901-591-1548. We answer questions even if you didn't buy merchansise from us and all you pay for is the call.


ONLINE - Make sure you have entered the store from the front. If you came from a link the cart assigned may be expired. http://headgapstore.com and then click on enter the store link. When you find an item you want, simply select the quantity you want (the default is one) and press the add to shopping cart button. To view items in your cart press the button named view your shopping cart on the left menu bar. From the view screen you can change quantity or delete items from your cart. Once you have the items you want in your cart press the go to the checkout button. Please fill in all the mandatory red areas on the customer application. Once complete you press the enter my information button and you will be taken to a secure server to enter your credit card data. If you are having trouble we provide toll free customer service at: 1-877-639-1543 9-6 CST.


We accept P.O.'s from Schools and other institutions. Our terms are net 30. FAX your P.O.'s to 1-405-445-0796


We will accept money orders and personal checks via mail but please allow additional processing time. Mail your orders to:

Operator Headgap Systems
7308 S. Klein Ave.
OKC, OK, 73139

Make sure you include a shipping address and a phone number. Keep in mind that personal checks may take up to two weeks to clear. Money orders are faster for us to process. All payments must be in U.S. funds.


All orders are packed same or next day. We strive to have all items shown in our store in stock. Should any item be out of stock we will contact you either via email or phone to let you determine what you want to do. Custom builds or older systems may require a day or two more.

Depending on your order we normally ship one of three ways. Small orders both in size and dollars are generally mailed. Items of size and or value are shipped either FedEx Ground or UPS Ground depending on the area you live in. When your order is entered you will receive an email reciept, after it is processed and shipped you will receive an additional email notice (assuming you gave us a valid email) with your tracking number on UPS or FedEx orders. All large orders have to be signed for. Shipping is always included in the bottom line price of your order. No additional charges are added. Call if you need express shipping.

HOW TO RETURN AN ITEM (within warranty periods)

You MUST Call for an RMA number within the 30 day warranty period and let us know what the problem is. It is best to have your order number when you call. After you receive an RMA number you may ship the product back. Make sure you list the RMA number on the outside of the package and you include inside an order ID and contact information (ideally a copy of the invoice). The return address is on your invoice or listed in the contact information. Make sure you ship it back insured and with the original packing etc. If the item was defective we even refund the return shipping. If the item tests good and was simply returned, you pay the shipping back. Many companies automatically charge a restocking fee. We normally do not. We work hard to make sure the items are graphically represented and give you enough information so that you get the right item the first time and that it works as advertised. If you are not sure call and ask before ordering. Remember software is NOT RETURNABLE after it has been opened. Computer Systems under our 90 warranty are repair or replace only according to our warranty terms. Items returned improperly will result in a 15% restocking fee plus original shipping costs. You have 10 days to return the item from when the RMA number was issued.

Terms & Conditions

Merchandise Return Procedures

Operator Headgap Systems strives to provide quality products to our customers. Occasionally, issues with merchandise will escape our attention. It is our aim to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability.

  1. Systems carry a 90day warranty, individual parts or accessories a 30 day warranty. Any new parts, whether in a system purchased from us or not, carry the full manufacturer's warranty. Warranty issues after 30 days on new merchandise should be pursued with the manufacturer.
  2. Operator Headgap Systems' warranty is repair or replace. In the event the item(s) cannot be repaired or replaced, Operator Headgap Systems will issue a credit.
  3. In the event you, the purchaser, decide you do not want an item (exclusive of opened software), the merchandise may be returned for a credit of the purchase price less shipping. A 15% restocking fee may also be imposed. If you order the wrong item and return it to exchange for the correct item, only the purchase price (less shipping) of the original item will be applied toward the replacement item. Opened software cannot be returned.
  4. You must call or email and receive an RMA number before returning any item for any reason. This RMA number must be visible on the outside of the package. Item(s) should be returned within 10 days of issue of RMA.
  5. Any merchandise returned to Operator Headgap Systems should be packaged adequately to prevent damage, and should be insured if appropriate. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.


Here at OH Systems, we take your privacy very seriously. Throughout your shopping you may choose to give us information about yourself in a number of different places. Because we appreciate the trust that you place in us by doing so, we will never rent or sell any of your information to a third party. A lot of people worry about placing orders online. We want to give you a worry-free ordering experience. That's why this site uses Secure Server Technology (SSL 3.0) which encrypts all of your personal information so that no one can obtain it as it travels through our shopping cart network.

When you get ready to enter your credit card you will note that you are on a secure server. We use iTransact who handles all of our credit card transactions. Your card information is not stored by us and documents from phone orders are regularly shredded.

Your email address is used only to send transaction and tracking information. A few times a year we may send an email notifying you of any important changes. Tradionally we mail out a holiday message notifying you of our holiday schedule. If you do not wish to receive notices including your order and tracking information do not give us your email address. WE NEVER SELL OR GIVE OUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!


Click here to read about our warranty on products sold on Resale.Headgap.com. Some items also include a factory warranty that extends beyond our coverage. After our warranty period you will need to deal directly with the manufacturer for any claims.


Operator Headgap BBS originally started on a Commodore 64 with 2 -1541 drives and a 300 baud modem using 6485 BBS Software over 33 years ago by Bob and Cheryn Nunn. Our BBS provide support for users within dialup range. Today it is of course web based and still provides support for users Internationally. Our download base these days is mostly Mac oriented but files are still available for Commodore and Amiga systems.


What makes us unique in the refurbished Mac business is that we are about the only ones who not only do quality refurbishing of used Mac equipment, we also upgrade the systems. Most of the systems we offer have more ram, larger hard drives, and more added to them. I know of no other Mac dealer who sells upgraded systems. They generally only sell the items how they received them. We also nicely configure these units, the way we would use them. I also know of no dealer who will install the upgrades they sell on your system. We have many of our customers who send in their system for tuneups or upgrades.

Beside our Mac refurbishing business we also provide web design & hosting service, marketing services, and consulting. We also sell software, hardware, and provide hardware service, repair and sales. We are the worldwide distributor for TeleFinder BBS/Web Server Software which is rather dated these days.

We started this due to demand we received from our business and personal associations. This is now full time for us now and we have other employees as well as numerous contract employees who perform services for us. In reality, we have been doing repairs and consultations for the last 19 years through our association with user group members and referrals. The past years has seen a more applied effort to market these services.

We got into the Mac battery business when we discovered that most domestic pram battery sources supplied overpriced batteries that were several years old. I suspect that many times they were not even new batteries but used ones from old systems. Many were the underpowered 850 mAh batteries. We located a source that manufacturers our batteries each time we order. We have the lowest price and the freshest 1200 mAh batteries in the business. Mac-Batteries.com

While not actively being sold since the software is designed to run under OS9 and earlier, we are still the U.S. distributor and support system for the TeleFinder. When you visit Headgap.com and associated page you are on a TeleFinder Server. I have written and distributed software used with this program suite and served as a beta tester since version 5.0.


Operator Headgap Systems
7308 S. Klein
OKC, OK 73139

Bob or Cheryn Nunn

Phone 1-405-601-5288 9-6 CST
Toll Free - 1-877-639-1543 9-6 CST
FAX - 1-405-445-0796

CONTACT US - best to use this!


Hours of Operation:

10 AM to 3 PM CST Monday - Friday

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