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We accept School & Institutional P.O.'s for orders over $100. Discounts for large quantities are available. Call for a quote.

Upgrading the Office? Sell or Trade In Your Old Mac (G3 or better)! We buy quantities of Mac systems & components. Email your list for a quote!

Low End Macs have valuable information about legacy Mac Systems

Our friends at Low End Macs have valuable information about legacy Mac Systems. Click the button to visit their site.

Our friends at EveryMac.com have valuable information about legacy Mac Systems including the original specifications of many of the machines we sell. Click the button to visit their site.

We support older Mac systems! ORDER Upgraded Used Mac Systems SECURELY ONLINE! OR give us a call on the toll free order line 877-639-1543 9-6 CST, M-F (1-405-601-5288 in Oklahoma or outside U.S.) 405-601-5288 tech support FAX 405-445-0796. Remember our bottom line price includes shipping! We stand behind the products we sell with a 30 day warranty less shipping and handling (90 days on systems). Prices subject to change with out notice. Questions? Try our HELP file first. Need hardware help? Read Bob's Mac Tech Tips. Why use reconditioned equipment? All large orders have to be signed for. Operator Headgap Systems, Inc.,7308 S. Klein OKC, OK 73139 Contact Us.

It is just me and Cheryn these days. We are usually always a bit behind. Thank you for your patience and continued patronage. Best times to reach us are between 10 am to 3 pm Central Time M-F. We never catch up on messages so if you don't reach us please try again later. I daily check and answer all emails. Use the Contact Us links for the email address. Thanks! Bob.

ORDER TOLL FREE 1-877-639-1543 10am-3pm Central Time, Mon.-Fri.
(405-601-5288 in Oklahoma or outside U.S.)
405-601-5288 Tech Support

We support OLDER MAC Systems!

We have OSX Tiger 10.4 or 10.5 Leopard available and include our updated DVD our OSX Super Sink DVD chock full of updates, freeware and shareware! We can assist you with new or old operating system upgrades! We can help with your web browser problems! Give us a call!

G5 Towers - Value Prices!

Thinking of replacing your aging PowerMac G4? Run Classic Mode for your older software!
Don't see what you want.
We special order and build to suit. Let us know what your needs are.

Air Cooled
1.6 Ghz

G5 Processor
used PowerMac G5 DUAL Processor Apple Computer

Dual Layer SuperDrive
Burn DVD's*
Burn CD's
Leopard Capable

PowerMac G5 SINGLE 1.6 GHZ

1GB RAM, LARGER 750 GB HD, SuperDrive,
CALL TO SPECIAL ORDER Includes Shipping!

CALL FOR AVAILABILITY! RUN Tiger OSX 10.4.11 with 9.2.2 Classic on this Air Cooled G5 Tower. Run 9 in classic mode. This nicely refurbished PCI-X Air Cooled G5 Tower feature a PowerPC 970 SINGLE G5/1.6 ghz Processor, optimized AltiVec "Velocity Engine" vector processing unit and 512k level 2 on-chip cache. We thoroughly test the stock SuperDrive for CD/DVD burning, Refurbished 750GB SATA Hard Drive and include a full 1GB of RAM. This unit also features an NVIDIA 5200 64MB Graphics Card with ADC and DVI. Connectivity includes USB 2.0, FireWire "400" and "800", ADC, DVI (single link), optical digital audio in/out, and support for AirPort Extreme (802.11g) and Bluetooth 1.1 (available options). This model is PCI-X slot. We nicely configured it with Tiger OSX 10.4.11 with all current updates and set up for classic mode so you can run your older software. Software not included available extra. These are Leopard OSX 10.5.8 capable and an option. Keyboard and mouse available extra (see the input section). OSX Super Sink DVD chock full of freeware and shareware. Room for a second drive and more RAM. Our $349.77 Price includes domestic shipping. Add 2GB for $50.00 (call). Larger and or New Hybrid drives available with room for 2 (call). See the Apple Power Mac G5 section. We have a large selection of models in stock! Don't see what you want? We can special order!

Value Priced G4 Mac!

G4 Processor
Apple 500 mhz G4 Power Mac with new Sony Combo Drive
$279.77 shipped!

Power Macintosh G4 450*mhz

Our $279.77 includes shipping!

RUN OSX or OS9. These Upgraded Sawtooth or Gigabit Ethernet PowerMac G4/450's come nicely configured. DVD-CD Player. We put in a refurb 40 GB Drive (Fast New Solid State Drives available call). We thoroughly clean and rigorously test each unit. Video Card: 16 MB ATI RAGE 128 Pro AGP. Built in 10/100 Ethernet, NO MODEM - add a built in 56K Modem +$10. It has a spot for the optional Airport card. Install more ram $49.77 for new 512MB SDRAM. These systems come with two each built in Firewire and USB ports. VGA out. Service manual (.pdf) on system. Keyboard and mouse available extra (see the input section). OSX Super Sink DVD chock full of freeware and shareware. Mac OS10.4.11 and 9.2.2 dual bootable. Weight: 30 lbs. Dimensions: 17"Hx8.9"Wx18.4"D. Has HD15 (PC Style) Video out. Our $279.77 includes your domestic shipping. We will install a NEW Digital 120GB Hard Drive in place of the refurb 40 for +$60, New SuperDrive in place of DVD +$60 Call for upgrades. Sell us your old unit. Call or email for custom configurations.

We finally found a reliable SCSI solution!

2 GB
2 GB Digital 50 Pin SCSI Drive!
$149.77 shipped!

Solid State Speed

Digital 50 Pin SCSI Hard Drive

No more SCSI drive problems! No moving parts, no noise, FAST loading!

BRAND NEW! 50 pin Digital 2 Gigabyte SCSI Hard Drive for use in all Mac systems that use a standard 50 pin SCSI Hard Drive. These drives have no internal moving parts, no mechanicals to fail or wear UltraSCSI-3 units. Replace the old noisy and soon to fail mechanical hard drive. These units are like having all your system information in memory so everything loads FAST. They come on a plastic drive tray that makes them easy to adapt and include the screws. We format them for the OS versions you plan to run. Simply mount on the drive tray, plug in the power and SCSI cable. Boot your system and install your software. Units start at $149.77 including domestic shipping. See the INTDRIVESCSI section.

Replace that old dying 2.5" IDE Drive with Solid State!

120 GB
Solid State Drives for iBook and PowerBook

Solid State Speed

Solid State 120 GB Drive Kit
for iBook, PowerBook, Early Mini's

No moving parts, no noise, FAST loading!

BRAND NEW! Operator Headgap tested and approved. Improve Performance! Now more affordable you can move up to the latest technology on your iBook or PowerBook and still run OSX or OS9.2.2 and boot from either. We build this 120 GB 2.5" SSD, it fits perfectly. This speeds up almost everything you do on your Mac! More reliable than the old conventional drives, no moving parts, no noise. WORKS in ALL iBook or PowerBook Macs and Early Mac Mini's and connect to the standard IDE connector. We preformat these and can preinstall call for custom configuration. Regularly $119.77 OUR $99.77 introductory price includes domestic shipping. See the INTDRIVESIDE section.

Solid State Drives for Your G4!

Cheryn tells me we are having trouble finding 80 or 120GB refurbished hard drives for our older Mac customers. There haven't been new ones available for years. We know you depend on us to help keep your old gear running efficiently. These brand new digital solid state drives have no moving parts making them not only faster but more reliable. We still think you should keep your system backed up but running from these super fast brand new drives only make sense. We haven't carried SSD drives much before but we think now that the prices are more affordable now is the time. We found the right kind of adapter that allows you to configure it for Master, Slave or Cable Select depending on your needs. That makes these more compatible and easily configurable with an included jumper. We can set these up for your system or you can use copy software to move your old data. Let us know how we can help speed up your G4 system. I tested these on our servers so you know they are fast and dependable.

SSD Drives for your G4

Solid State 120GB Drive Kit - G4

Speed up your G4 • Faster Data Access • No Moving Parts

Operator Headgap tested and approved! Improve Performance! Now more affordable you can move up to the latest technology on your G4 and still run OSX or OS9.2.2 and boot from either. This 2.5" SSD comes with an adapter that features the ability to be set to Master, Slave or Cable Select for maximum compatibility. The 120GB Size is the largest size most G4 can run. FASTER DATA ACCESS! This speeds up almost everything you do on your Mac! More reliable than the old conventional drives, no moving parts, no noise. We include velcro so it is simple to mount anywhere that is convenient. WORKS in ALL G4 Macs and connect to a standard IDE connector. We preformat these and can preinstall call for custom configuration. Reg.$119.77, SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE $99.77 includes domestic shipping. See the G4 Category in the online store.

Boot 9 or X


17" LCD perfect  for older Macs.
1280x1024 Res
Bright and Crisp!


17-inch Wide Screen LCD Flat Panel Monitor

Replace that old CRT. Perfect Companion to your Older Mac!

PERFECT FOR OLDER MACS! Headgap approved. Works with earlier Macs (may require adapter). Replace your old and dim CRT and use only 10% of the power. These units have the 4x3 ratio and works well with earlier Macs without stretching out the pixels and are easily adapted even to the earlier Macs. With a 17-inch diagonal TFT Active Matrix LCD display, this super slim monitor makes a great addition to any desktop. Enjoy rich, detailed text and graphics with a 1280 x 1024 resolution. Its 300 cd/m2 brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio provides excellent color and enhanced brightness, combined with the wide viewing angle makes every seat the best one in the house. Whether you are looking to add a second (or third) monitor, or simply replace an old CRT monitor, this Namebrand 17-inch LCD monitor provides top of the line performance and reliability with out top of the line prices. VGA Connectible (3 row 15 pin) works with G4 and up Macs - adapters for earlier or laptop Macs in stock. Item image is representative only, item may vary. Our $99.77 price includes domestic shipping. Monitor/Video category. Adapters for earlier Macs in the same section.


Wide Screen TFT LCD Monitor - Apple Compatible
1680x1050 Res
Bright and Crisp!


22-inch Wide Screen LCD Flat Panel Monitor

Name Brand - Perfect Companion to your Mac!

Headgap approved factory refurb. Increase your productivity with this 22-inch Name Brand Widescreen LCD monitor! The bright 22-inch Widescreen LCD features a 1680x1050 16:10 widescreen resolution that makes working on multiple documents and applications a breeze! A high 1000:1 contrast ratio and 250 cd/m2 brightness brings out the crisp detail in graphics, photos, and videos. Also, its fast 5 ms response time is great for gaming! 90 day direct warranty. Connectors: 15-pin VGA. Dimensions: 20.7 x 17.2 x 8.1-inches (HxWxD, approx.). This unit works fine even on a stock G4 16MB Graphics Card in OS9 or X. Item image is representative only, item may vary. Our $199.77 price includes domestic shipping. Monitor/Video category. Adapters for earlier Macs in the same section.

Upgrade your Power Mac G4!

We carry the parts and components to do it yourself, or you can send us your unit and let us professionally upgrade your unit and get it thoroughly cleaned and tested. Remember our bottom line prices include shipping!

High Performance G4 Processor Upgrade
PowerMac G4 512MB SDRAM Memory Upgrade
Name brand hard drives for your Power Mac G4
G4 Video Upgrade Card - support up to 2 monitors
22X Dual Layer Hitachi SuperDrive for your PowerMac
Starting at $12.77
RAM Upgrades
Starting at $7.00
Hard Drives
Starting at $14.99
Video Cards
Starting at $50.00
Starting at $29.77
connect your Mac to high speed wireless n
Mac Gigabit Ethernet Card for PowerMac G3 and PowerMac G4 add 1000 Base-T
Top Quality External Pro Hard Drives featuring ball bearing fan cooling
Mac Software - Tiger 10.4 available
High Powered 7 Port USB 2 Hub for your Macintosh
Starting at $24.77
Starting at $18.77
Firewire External
Starting at $29.77
Starting at $5.00
Starting at $2.99

Mac compatible 22X Dual Layer SupeDrive for your PowerMac
High Sierra Tested
EZ Pictured Instructions Included
New LG SuperDrive

Burn DVD's and CD's! Tested in OS9.1 up through 10.13 High Sierra! New model supports DVD burns at up to 24X! Dual layer support. These make great replacements for G4 Towers Yikes through Mirror Doors, G5 Towers, G4 iMacs, and even eMacs! At $64.77 you can't go wrong. We include pictured instructions, Toast Lite CD burning software and patches to make it OS9 and X compatible. Close to twice the capacity (Dual Layer Capable)! Apple Bootable allows you to boot from emergency disks and any Apple install disks etc. Only Headgap offers compatibility patches and complete pictured instructions. Toast Lite Burning Software, You must supply your own version of Toast for Lion and above. Our $64.77 includes domestic shipping. See the DVD,CD,CDRW section. Replace and upgrade your old Apple SuperDrive.

1st Quarter 2021 Edition
SUPER Kitchen Sink Thumb Drive

NOW A 16 GB USB Thumb Drive! 2021 Versions IN STOCK NOW! Install the latest updates. I added all the goodies you asked for. Now you can simply load them from the thumb drive or in some cases download them from the links. Categorized, Indexed and Described and most all include links to the download site and the authors web site so you can read more about them. ORDER NOW! Software section of the online store. If you haven't bought one in a while this is a good time to update. Have an iPod, iPad, or iPhone? We now have a directory that has all the utilities in one directory. We also created a Virus,Trojan, Worm directory to make it easier for you to feel safe and even added some Adware removal tools. Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur compatible software now identified.

SPECIAL NOTE: DO OPEN THE INDEX FILES THAT APPEAR AT THE TOP OF EACH FOLDERS DIRECTORY. I have added a MORE THAN A FEW items that there is not room for some on the drive. In this case I linked the direct download link and noted in the description. THERE ARE SOME REAL GEMS listed in the directories for download. Take a look! With the added space I am now including more versions for more OS versions!

We separated the Apple Updates on Thumb Drives to allow you to order only the updates you need. While the updates are free from Apple some are quite large and take a long time to download. Having them on disk saves you time especially if you have more than one Mac. There will likely still be some hardware specific updates you will need to download from Apple to complete your installation. Mac OS 11 Big Sur Compatibility Updates added!

APPLE UPDATES THUMB DRIVES! These 16 GB Thumb Drives (various colors) allow you to update to the latest version of the OSX version you have installed. We are now selling them separately. The 10.13 High Sierra required a larger 32 GB Thumb Drive for enough space.

If you want to buy a complete set call and speak to Cheryn and she will make you a group deal price. From now on though we will be offering each disk separately at a good price and of course our pricing always includes shipping.

1st Qtr 2021

OSX Super Kitchen Sink Thumb Drive!

SUPER Kitchen Sink Thumb Drive!

IT'S HERE! 1st Quarter 2021 Edition OSX Thumb Drive! This USB 16 GB Thumb Drive (assorted colors no choice) contains the very best freeware and shareware. Each section is categorized, indexed and includes a nice description for each program with links to the source and author. Chock full of the best shareware and freeware utilities, games, Internet goodies, music, graphics and multimedia, emulators, diagnostics, hard to find drivers, and more, all for OSX (everthing but the Kitchen Sink). I carry this one in my toolbox. This Mac software collection makes it easy to set up your new system or simply update your old one. Quarterly we review all programs and update them. REQUIRES: OSX 10.2 through 11 Big Sur, available USB Port $12.99 including domestic shipping.

The Updates DVD & Thumb Drives are now separated and available!

  • AppleUpdates10.2-10.3-10.4-10.5 DVD $7.99
  • AppleUpdates10.6-10.7-10.8-10.9 Thumb Drive $12.99
  • AppleUpdates10.10 - 10.11 Thumb Drive $12.99
  • AppleUpdates10.12 Thumb Drive $12.99
  • AppleUpdates10.13 32GB Thumb Drive $19.99
  • AppleUpdates10.14 Thumb Drive $12.99
  • AppleUpdates10.15 Thumb Drive $12.99
OS8 or 9 2021 Kitchen Sink (1 CD) - $7.99

Make any Mac with USB Wireless!
N Speeds!

Make your Apple Mac USB Wireless N run extreme speeds
Requires OSX 10.4 up

Wireless USB 2.0 802.11 N Mini LAN Adapter
Special $34.77 shipped

Provides Faster Wireless N networking on iMacs, Mini's, iBooks, Powerbooks, and MacBooks or any Mac with a USB 2 Port! More Bars, Faster Speeds!

New Mini Size! Finally a reasonable cost USB Wireless solution for the Mac! Mac OSX 10.4 to 10.13 compatible! Extend your wireless coverage and experience greater speed with this Wireless N USB 2.0 Adapter! Based on the 802.11n draft 2.0 standard, this Wireless N USB Adapter delivers the highest wireless data rate so you can enjoy uninterrupted data streaming. This Wireless N USB Adapter features integrated antenna and is backwards compatible with 802.11b/g networks! With WPA2, WPA, 802.1x and WEP security encryption, the Wireless N USB Adapter helps keep your wireless connection secure from intruders. Transmit: Up to 150 Mbps, Receive: Up to 300 Mbps. Frequency Band: 2.4 - 2.5 GHz. REQUIRES: USB2 Port, 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6 & a compatible wireless network. Includes our OSX Super Sink DVD ($14.77 value) with drivers from us DOES NOT WORK WITH OS VERSIONS EARLIER THAN 10.4. Our $34.77 price includes domestic shipping. See the Wireless section of the store. Works with old iMacs with 10.4.

Add Bluetooth to any USB OSX Mac compatible bluetooth

Upgrade Now!

BlueTooth 1.1 Class 2 Dongle- $14.77 includes shipping

JUST PLUG IT IN TO ADD Bluetooth wireless technology to your Mac! This Bluetooth adapter from Solteras features USB connectivity and Bluetooth v1.1 Class 2 support, giving you a range of up to 33 feet. Works with Bluetooth compliant devices such as: PowerMac, PowerBook, iBook, PDA, Handheld PC, Digital Camera, Printer, or Mobile Phone. REQUIRES: OSX 10.2.8 or later. Uses Apple's built in bluetooth support, no drivers to install. Must be plugged into a root port. Item may vary from illustration. Our Low Price $14.77 includes domestic shipping. See the Wireless of the store.

mac 3.6V lithium battery replaces brands like saft, tadiran, maxell, etc.
3.6V & 4.5V Mac Clock/PRAM Batteries!

We know that many of you have come to depend on us for your Macintosh battery needs. We are proud to be distributors for the best replacement 3.6V Lithium Battery for the Macintosh! ULTRALIFE's are in stock and shipping! We purchase these batteries factory fresh and have them airfreighted in quantity. Our low $7.88 price includes domestic shipping. Call for quantity discounts. We take School P.O.s simply fax your PO to NEW FAX 405-445-0796. Select the battery category and place your order securely.

We also stock factory fresh 4.5V batteries.

We stock the iMacG5, Mac Mini, G5 & Mac Pro Tower Lithium Coin Cells & popular MacBook, PowerBook, iBook batteries at new lower prices! Freshest iMac battery in the U.S.

Keep your
OS8 or 9
System Healthy
Norton System Works Bargain - Norton Utilities, Norton Disk Dr. for Mac systems

Norton System Works OEM CD

Price REDUCED! Clone of Original Factory Bootable CD only. A must have for your 8.1 to 9.2.2 PowerMac System! Take care of that flashing question mark. Norton Disk Doctor fixes it now and keeps it fixed. Norton SystemWorks™ for Macintosh® is the smartest way to keep your Mac® at its best. This essential suite features Symantec's best-selling Macintosh software products plus two other top utilities. Norton Utilities™ 6.0 helps you repair and optimize disks, recover lost data, and prevent future problems. Norton AntiVirus™ 7.0 finds and repairs infected files to keep your data safe and secure. Dantz Retrospect® Express Backup copies files quickly and easily to a wide range of removable media. Buy Norton SystemWorks today to protect your Macintosh from viruses and keep it running at peak performance! System Requirements: PowerPC-based Macintosh® system, Mac® OS 8.1 through OS9.2.2 (system must be able to boot from OS9.0 (NOT FOR OSX! DO NOT USE WITH OSX), 24 MB of RAM, 20 MB hard disk space for Norton AntiVirus™ and Norton Utilities™, 30 MB hard disk space for Dantz Retrospect® Express, CD-ROM drive, & Internet connection required for LiveUpdate™. Opened software is not returnable. INCLUDES CD-ROM ONLY no box. New Lower Price Was $9.99 NOW $7.99 shipped. SOFTWARE section of the store.

Upgrade your old used Mac computer, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook or iBook with parts and assistance from us! We have the stuff you need in stock and supply any needed drivers or instructions, or call our tech support line and let our staff walk you through installation.  We have PowerMac G4 Parts, and PowerMac G5 Parts in stock. Click Here to order G4 Power Suppy! Enter the Power Supply section after entering the store.
PLEASE NOTE: Back in December 2012 we relocated. Our toll free number is the same 1-877-639-1543. Our direct phone lines is 1-405-601-5288 use this line if you are in Canada. Tech Support is 1-405-601-5288. Our new fax line is1-405-445-0796. Please make a note of these changes. Our new address is Operator Headgap Systems, Inc., 7308 S. Klein, OKC, OKLA. 73139. Thank you.

It is just me and Cheryn these days. We are usually always a bit behind. Thank you for your patience and continued patronage. Best times to reach us are between 10 am to 3 pm Central Time M-F. We never catch up on messages so if you don't reach us please try again later. I daily check and answer all emails. Use the Contact Us links for the email address. Thanks! Bob.

ABOUT MONITORS: We now stock a select few Flat Panel LCD's. These are tested on Macs and we will not sell any of the dark slow and fuzzy junk you sometimes find at bargain basement prices and you don't have to mess with rebates. These are new units and are bright and sharp. We don't carry much in CRT monitors but do check the monitor section. They are heavy to ship and the larger ones are subject to damage in shipping. We recommend you use our low cost Mac to PC monitor adapter (see our monitor section) ). Easily adapt most any PC monitor to your older beige Macintosh including flat panels LCD's. Compare at $24.99 to $44.99 our Special Price $19.99 includes domestic shipping. G3 Blue & White, G4 and above take PC HD15 connections straight up! No adapter needed for those models.

ABOUT PRINTERS: Check often we get a few StyleWriter's in that work with your older Mac. Use USB Printers when you can but check to make sure they support your OS version and buy the cables from us. No USB? OS8.6-9.2 and a card will put you PCI bus PowerMac owners in business. USB Printers that work in 9 are harder to find. We try to stock a few USB refurbed units that work in 9. See the printer section of the store. See my tech tips printer section for more tips: http://resale.headgap.com/bobsmactips.html#print

ABOUT MODEMS: We have internal modems for many different models. We also have a few used serial modems. See the modem section of our online store. Zoom makes a 56K USB Modem Model 3095, that will work with your system. It works with older classic OSes from 9.2 (and probably 8.6 if you manually install the CCL) up to 10.6 although you will have to likely manually install some components.

MAC REPAIR & UPGRADES: Want to repair or update your old (out of warranty) Mac and don't know how? Send us your old system and let us install any of the items we sell. Add processor upgrades, optimize your existing processor, more ram, larger drives, or perhaps an internal burner. We also professionally install all Mac OS versions including OSX and update it to the latest versions from Apple. We also test, and thoroughly clean inside and out. Give us a call or email us with your particulars.

  • We repair out of warranty laptops at fair prices, a laptop expert technician is on staff.
  • We also provide level one hard drive recovery at reasonable rates. Call for details.
  • Need your old data moved to a new drive or system? Let us do that for you.
  • We can affordably fix iMacs (black screen of death) with OSX that have lost video! Call for pricing.

ABOUT REFURBISHED COMPUTERS: Operator Headgap Systems purchases good used Mac systems in quantity. Our professional staff of refurbishers clean, perform over 50 diagnostic tests including drive formatting. All our systems come smartly configured and ready to use. Our units come with the required cables and cords (except keyboards unless noted, use your old one or available extra). We even include a free mouse pad. We offer a quality refurbished product at the lowest possible price and stand behind our systems with a 90 day warranty. Why use reconditioned equipment? Read more.

NICELY CONFIGURED?: When you select one of our refurbished Apple computer systems you get not only the basic system software preinstalled. We update the OS software to the latest version. We also install many open source, freeware and shareware programs and configure them for use on your system. For example LibreOffice is an Open Source Clone of Office for the Mac. It allows you to open and save Word, PowerPoint, Excel file in their formats making it easy to exchange your work with other Office users. We also install Flip4Mac and Perian which extends Quicktime allowing you to playback many types of multimedia files like .divx and .wmv in a larger variety of formats. Firefox gives you an additional browser choice over Apple's Safari and much, much more. Plus we always include the OSX Super Kitchen Sink DVD that is chock full of other programs you may find useful and wish to add for use with your new system.

TRADE-INS: Many times when you are ready to upgrade your old system may not be worth much, especially to a dealer who is used to buying in quantity at wholesale prices and has the units shipped in bulk truck freight. Boxing and shipping your old system costs a few dollars. Here lately we have been having more trouble locating older systems people are still buying. We will begin offering trade-ins for certain older systems. The following are on the list: iMac G4, QuickSilver G4, PowerMac 7300, PowerMac 8600, Quadra or Centris 650, and Mac IICI's & SI's. The units need to be cosmetically in good condition and working (at least chiming). Trade in value will vary from the top price for extra clean, that exceed stock configurations and down for less that prime units. Email: cheryn@biz.headgap.com for quotes. We are also purchasing good used working StyleWriters, and SCSI Zip Drives. WE BUY USED SONNET G4 AGP PROCESSORS.

We are also purchasing good used Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II ADB Mice.

RECYCLING If you have Mac items and Mac accessories and hate to throw them away but figure they have little or no value in todays market, rather than dumping them to a landfill, write us with a list. Email: cheryn@biz.headgap.com Any of the items we can use we will pay your shipping. You can rest assured that we will put your old Mac items back into circulation either using them to repair old equipment or including the items with systems. All hard drives are thoroughly formatted so have no fear about any data left on a hard drive. We properly recycle any items we end up having to discard.

UPGRADING THE OFFICE? We buy quantities of Mac systems & components. Email your list for a quote! Contact Us.

Bob's OSX Install Notes
for Beige G3 Systems for B&W G3 Systems for G4 Systems See my El Capitan 10.11 Notes Sierra 10.12 Notes , High Sierra 10.12 Notes

Attention Headgap Customers READ THIS! To provide the most secure environment for safe online purchases, we have added a simple additional step to our ordering procedures. In order to complete your credit card transactions, you will need to enter your credit card number, expiration date and CVV2, CVC2 or CID code on our secure server when ordering. These codes can be found on the back of your credit card (on the front for American Express). We want to keep things as simple as possible but find we must add this additional step to insure your security. If you have any problems please call our toll free order number listed above during business hours. We are always happy to help!

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